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That's me, the star writer

My name is ILONA, and I am inspiratiomal writer, entrepreneur, Registered Nurse, mom of three badass smartesss sons, European living in America, love to design jewelry (my passion is amber), love art, jazz, everything from 1920's and 1930's..Paris, Chicago...

Passionate about Harley riders... ;)

I am also very intuitive and my advice rocks! :)

We live in a human zoo, and to navigate through it may be a challenge, some days we are more of a survivors versus enjoying all what life has to offer..

I want to show you ways to enjoy life and not just to overcome challenges but to win every battle you may encounter...and to avoid battles at all..by being a joyful rider through this human zoo.. :) 

I want you to change your life into the life you could only dream of... 

So, fasten your seatbelt and read on...

Enjoy the ride

Be badasss..

Enjoy the ride through the human zoo...

"For you must do the thing you think cannot.."

My promise to you is that you will change your life to the one you only could dream of before...if you will want to..career or personal empowerment..

So, read on...